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Undercover Cat. THE GORDONS

Undercover Cat.


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Publication: Doubleday & Company Inc, 1963, New York

First edition. Page fore-edges evenly browned, few faded spots on boards else fine in dust jacket evenly browned along crease points and with light wear to the extremities. The story begins when Damn Cat, lovingly known as D.C., returns home from one of night with a wrist watch around his neck, placed there by a bank teller taken hostage by a couple of bank robbers. Twenty-three-year-old Patti Randall, calls the FBI, and agents place D.C. under surveillance. They theorize that the cat will return to a place where he had been treated well. Their job is complicated by a younger sister, who "falls" for one of the agents, a brother, twelve, who sets off rockets, and an assortment of escapades that the FBI Academy at Quantico had never prepared its agents to handle. The movie That Darned Cat was based on this novel.

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