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The Department Of Dead Ends. ROY VICKERS

The Department Of Dead Ends.


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Publication: Lawrence E Spivak, Publisher, 1947, New York

First edition. Digest sized PBO. Bestseller Mystery, No. B 91. Collected and Edited, with an Introduction by Ellery Queen. Very good copy in pictorial wrappers. Contains seven Department of Dead Ends' mysteries, only two of which are included in the U. K. edition, THE RUBBER TRUMPET and SNOB'S MURDER which is entitled THE SNOB'S MURDER. Queen's Quorum 104 says "... relate the full case histories of unusual murders ... "a minute and detailed description of the crime, setting forth the antecedents, motives, and all attendant circumstances." Readers "see the crime committed, know all about the criminal." Queen's Quorum 104.

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