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The Friends Of Eddie Coyle. GEORGE V. HIGGINS

The Friends Of Eddie Coyle.


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Publication: Alfred A Knopf, 1972, New York

First edition. Author's first novel. Green cloth, top edge green. Fine in dust jacket. Eddie Coyle and his "friends"---people he can trade in for his own life and who can kill him for theirs---are hoods. If the "wise guys"---the syndicate wheels who sometimes surface in Eddie's world to give an order---are the same as executives, then henpecked, worried Eddie Coyle is the working stiff of crime. When asked to name the top ten mysteries, Elmore Leonard said, "My all-time favorite, the one book that has made a lasting impression is The Friends Of Eddie Coyle by George V. Higgins. That would be my list." In the 1973 Peter Yates movie, Robert Mitchum, portrayed the title character, a petty thief, in what many feel was his finest performance. A noir classic of contemporary crime fiction.

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