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Reign In Hell. by William. Diehl

Reign In Hell.

by William. Diehl

Publication: Ballantine Books, 1997, New York

First edition. Signed. Fine in fine dust jacket. A terrorist attack on a military convoy leaves many soldiers dead as truckloads of highly volatile weapons fall into the hands of an ultra-right-wing militia. A fanatical preacher known as Brother Transgressor joins forces with the radical group, adding fuel to the fire. Illinois attorney general, Martin Vail, has caught the attention of the Oval Office. The President demands swift legal action against the militia and turns to Vail, naming him an assistant attorney general of the United States. His job is to nail the terrorists in their tracks. Eager to make up for fatal mistakes he made years ago, Vail plunges into his new, mission, one that soon explodes into a personal nightmare, as his most chilling adversary, Aaron Stampler returns.

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