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The Private Patient. by P. D. James

The Private Patient.

by P. D. James

Publication: Faber and Faber, 2008, London

First edition. Limited edition of 1000 numbered copies signed by the author. With an author's note by P.D. James. Fine in fine dust jacket. Slipcase. When the notorious investigative journalist, Rhoda Gradwyn, books into Mr. Chandler-Powell's private clinic in Dorset for the removal of a disfiguring, long-standing facial scar, she has every prospect of a successful operation by a distinguished surgeon, a week's peaceful convalescence in one of Dorset's most beautiful manor houses and the beginning of a new life. She will never leave Cheverell Manor alive. When Adam Dalgliesh and his team are called in to investigate the murder, more complicated problems arise. "The Private Patient" is a powerful work of contemporary fiction.

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