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Photograph Album - Minnesota, Wisconsin & Yellowstone, Circa 1885

Photograph Album - Minnesota, Wisconsin & Yellowstone, Circa 1885

Publication: nd ca 1885, NP

7" x 11" photo album in leather boards and housing 66 black and while photograph, almost all 4" x 4 3/4" and neatly captioned in ink below most photographs. Photographs are glued directly onto pages. Photographs include De Soto Lake; Lake Itasca; the first camp n the Mississippi below Lake Itasca: Cass Lake; the Mississippi River below Itasca, which is a narrow marshy stream; the first schoolhouse on the Mississippi (built on the Jackson/Greene County line); the first bridge on the Mississippi; Ojibway Indians; an Ojibway Village and showing their teepees; a "squaw mans" home; a photo a Ojibway twin infants (showing the girl a bit out of focus as she wouldn't remain still while the photo was taken); the first steamboat on Winnibigoshish Lake; several photos of logging to include logs banked and ready to roll into the water; a log jam; millions of logs at LaCrosse; a boat "towing a raft of logs;" a logger's camp; a man with plow horses, "starting a farm in the forest;" Maiden Rock on Lake Pepin; a picture of Lake Winnibigoshish and, "showing how the government dam has flooded the shore and killed the timber;" a picture of the government dam of the Mississippi leaves Winnibigoshish; several photographs depicting Yellowstone National Park to include Mammoth Hot Springs; Five Hole River with Anvil geyser in background; Old Faithful; "a glacial boulder on the bank of the Yellowstone Grand Canyon;" Monarch Geyser Crater and the geyser during eruption; a man in a covered wagon being pulled by 2 horses with the caption, "looking for a camping place Y.N.P;" Angel Terrace; the Lower Geyser Basin showing Fountain Geyser and Fountain Hotel in the background; Grotto Geyser; Beaver Lake and showing beaver dams; the Upper Geyser Basin; extinct geyser Liberty Cap; etc. Front cover loose from spine but still attached; boards rubbed and chipped. A few photographs faded (especially the first photo in the album); pages as well as some photographs lightly soiled. A wonderful collection of photographs.

Inventory Number: 49220