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Other works by HENRY GARFIELD

Publication: St Martin's Press, 1995, New York

First edition. Author's first book. Fine in dust jacket. When a young woman disappears during an eclipse party, the townspeople nervously assume a marauding mountain lion has killed her. When her body is found, it bears the marks of an animal attack. But at the next full Moon, when a schoolteacher dies in the same way, fear becomes hysteria - is a vicious serial killer at work? Local resident and reclusive writer Cyrus "Moondog" Nygerski is struck with a deeper fear and is compelled to discover how the women really died. With Joe Acton, a companion new to the area, he finds details of the killings that do not fit the pattern - and some that fit a more ominous one. And what he comes up with, laid out quite logically and frighteningly, is that there is a werewolf living among the residents of Julian. Impossible? There are no such things? You'll soon be convinced otherwise.

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