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Interviews With Julian Symons. by Julian Symons

Interviews With Julian Symons.

by Julian Symons

Consists of two lengthy interviews of Symons. The first took place in late 1978 and consisted of 47 typed questions. On January 24, 1979, Symons provided typed answers to each specific question. Questions dealt with his books, his early life, his parents, his brothers and sisters, his work history, books that profoundly influenced him, etc, One answer about George Orwell was of interest as we learned that Symons was recommended for the job of literary editor of general fiction at the Manchester Tribune by Orwell. Symons was preceded in this job by Orwell and William Haley, who later became editor of The Times. There are also typed answers to supplementary questions that came about from the initial interview. Also included are handwritten answers to an Oldie Quiz which was sent to Symons for his consideration. He answered all questions and then had his answers typewritten. An interesting file that provides unique insight into the life, times, and writings of one of the premier writers in the Mystery genre.

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