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Cold Bones by David Mark

Cold Bones

by David Mark

First edition. Signed by the author. As new, unread copy in dust jacket. It's the coldest winter in Hull for years. When McAvoy is told by a concerned stranger that an elderly woman hasn't been seen for a few days, he goes to check on her. He finds her in the bath, encased in ice: the heating off; the windows open; the whole house frozen over. It could be a grisly accident, but McAvoy thinks differently. As he starts to uncover the victim's story and her connections to a lost fishing trawler, his boss is in Iceland investigating a mysterious death. Hull and Iceland have traditionally been united by fishing, but in this case, they are linked by a secret concealed for half a century, and a series of brutal killings that have never been connected. Until now...when the secrets of the dead have returned to prey on the living.

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