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White Star Line - S.S. "Baltic," Breakfast Bill Of Fare

White Star Line - S.S. "Baltic," Breakfast Bill Of Fare

Publication: LSyers Lith, 1870's, Liverpool

A hand-written list of the "Breakfast Bill of Fare" for December 6, 1878, neatly written on a printed form with an attractive design for the White Star Line and the S.S. "Baltic." The White Star Line was founded in September 1869 as the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company. From the earliest days it was to be known as the White Star Line, owing to the ships flying a red swallow-tailed flag with a white star. The company entered in the North Atlantic passenger very trade soon after. The first steamer launched for the line was the Oceanic, which departed on her maiden voyage from Liverpool to New York in 1871. Soon after she was followed by her sisters, Atlantic, Republic and Baltic. The White Star Line was most famous for her passenger liner, the ill-fated Titanic. 4.125" x 7." Menu features: kippered herrings, salt mackarel, sausages & mashed potatoes, hominy cakes, deviled saddle of mutton bone, liver & bacon, broiled ham, fried eggs, broiled beef steak, poached eggs on toast, dry hash, broiled mutton chops, chipped & jacket potatoes, and porridge...an interesting and extensive selection for breakfast. 3 horizontal folds with 1" closed tear to edge of 1 fold. Small 1/2" stain and small 1/2" piece of lower corner missing, else very good.

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