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Violence At Sundown. by Frank. O'Rourke

Violence At Sundown.

by Frank. O'Rourke

Publication: Random House, 1953, New York

First edition. Fine in moderately worn dust jacket lightly tanned on verso. Travis is sheriff of a small town. When one of Goodlove's men is shot in Lockland's store, Leaving Thompson, his right-hand man behind, Goodlove swears to come back and take care of business after selling his herd. There are two witnesses to the shooting, Mexican Joe and Lea Ferguson. Both testify, for some reason, that they didn't see anything even though it's obvious they're both lying. After the hearing, Mexican Joe skips town knowing that Thompson has stayed behind to kill him for what he saw. Travis starts hunting for both Mexican Joe and Thompson, hoping to find Thompson before Thompson finds Mexican Joe.

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