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The Warren Wagontrain Raid. BENJAMIN CAPPS

The Warren Wagontrain Raid.


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Publication: The Dial Press, 1974, New York

First edition. Cloth, 304pp. Illustrations from old photos, 2 maps. The first complete account of this historic Indian attack and its aftermath. In May, 1871, Satanta led a party of more than 100 Kiowa braves on a raid into Texas. At the same time, Gen. Sherman was en route to Fort Richardson to determine the extent of the hostile Indian threat to the frontier settlements. Sherman missed Satanta's party by only hours. Shortly after Sherman's arrival at the fort, a wounded civilian staggered into the fort telling of the Kiowa attack of the supply train only 20 miles away, the brutal death of 7 men and the wounding of many others. This famous event changed Gen. Sherman's attitude about the Indian threat, and resulted in a more aggressive policy by the U.S. Army. As New in dust jacket.

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