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The United States Of America.

The United States Of America.

Publication: JH Colton, 1856, New York

Hand-colored. 23.5" x 14" + 2" ornate border. Overall 27.375" x 18." An attractive, detailed, hand-colored map published in 1856. Portions of the "British Possessions," Mexico, and the Bahama Islands also appear. Each state is separately-colored, with the capital identified. States appear in modern outline as far west as Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Indian Territory (Oklahoma), and Texas. California is also shown in modern outline. Washington, Oregon, Utah, New Mexico, Nebraska, Kanzas, and Minnesota each comprise far more territory in 1856 than they do today. All natural features are identified: oceans, lakes, rivers, creeks, mountains, mountain ranges, etc. Cities, towns, railroads, travel routes, trade routes, and exploration routes are shown including: "Oregon Route," "Santa Fe Route," "Fremont's Route 1843," "Fremont's Route 1844," "Fremont's Route 1845," "Route to Ft. Smith," "Road to El Paso," "Col. Cook's Wagon Route," "Kearny's Route 1847," and "Route of Capt. Marcy 1849." Extensive railroad routes are shown east of the Mississippi River; however, west of the river, railroads only extend to Iowa City, Iowa; Jefferson City, Missouri; and Opelousas, Louisiana. In the Trans-Mississippi West there are 4 "Route For Pacific R.R." identified. In the Missouri River, Yellowstone River, and eastern Platte River Valleys, the locations of several Indian Tribes are shown: Crow, Black Feet, Assiniboin, Gros Ventres, Mandans, Arickeras, Sioux or Dacotahs, Poncas, Omahas, and Pawnees. Numerous military forts and trading posts are shown. Some occasional light foxing and a 1/8"-1/4" x 3" loss along inner edge of ornate border on left side, not affecting map image at all and only minimally affecting ornate border. Else, an attractive, colorful, and highly-detailed map by J.H. Colton & Co.

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