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The Surrender And Death Of Crazy Horse. HARDORFF, RICHARD G. [EDITOR].

The Surrender And Death Of Crazy Horse.


Other works by HARDORFF, RICHARD G. .

Publication: The Arthur H Clark Company, 1998, Spokane

First edition. Neatly written in the author's hand on the title page is "#7 of nine Trade Edition copies presented to the author by the publisher, October 27, 1998, R. Dutch Hardorff." Laid-in is the original promotional prospectus of this title. Also included are letters in facsimile of correspondence the author had with others in preparation to write THE SURRENDER AND DEATH OF CRAZY HORSE. The correspondence includes a one-page letter from Hilda Neihardt Petri, daughter of Dr. John G. Neihardt, dated 1/4/88 regarding permission to reproduce her father's field interview with Eagle Elk; one-page letter by Ben Black Bear, Jr., Chairman, Indian Studies, Sinta Gleska [Spotted Tail] College, Rosebud, SD, dated 4/7/78, regarding his translation of a 1913 Thunder Tail manuscript about Crazy Horse. The translation is enclosed, including a more polished version by Father Paul Manhart, S.J., dated 7/14/88; letter from Father Paul Manhart, S.J., dated 9/1/88, regarding comments on Black Bear and translation of the aforesaid Thunder Tail Lakota manuscript. Also comments on a forged manuscript by John White Lance regarding Crazy Horse. Included is Hardorff's letter dated 8/17/88, regarding the translation of the Thunder Tail manuscript; William K. Powers letter dated 10/29/92 and his comments on a Lakota manuscript on Crazy Horse translated by Father Buechel. A letter by Dr. Ted Kaynor dated 6/1/94, comments on Powers' letter, and Hardorff's reply of 11/9/94; letters from Hardorff dated 2/24/92, 3/9/92, 12/21/94, and 1/3/95 regarding meanings of Lakota words and names, and Manhart's translations and comments in the margins. Includes his comments on Chips, Crazy Horse's spiritual advisor; and letters from Joseph C. Porter, dated 8/26/94 and 12/18/95 regarding his research on Crazy Horse, giving names of family relations of Crazy Horse at the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation, SD, and Hardorff's reply dated 9/6/94. Cloth, 288pp., illus., 2 maps. Intro., appendices, index, and extensive biblio. A thoroughly-researched

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