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The Selkirk Range. Volume I A.O. WHEELER

The Selkirk Range. Volume I


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Publication: Government Printing Bureau, 1905, Ottawa

First edition. Cloth, 459 pp. Numerous illustrations. Appendices. In 1901 and 1902, Arthur O. Wheeler led a topographical survey expedition to explore and map the portion of the Selkirk Mountain Range adjacent to the line of the Canadian Pacific Railway. A comprehensive survey of this portion of the Canadian Rockies, this report includes: "The Survey," "Travel and Exploration," "Previous Surveys," and "Mountaineering in the Selkirks." This is Volume I. According to a statement in the beginning of this volume, "The maps, diagrams, and plates accompanying this Volume will be found in a separate pocket (Volume II)." A tight, bright, near fine copy.

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