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The Ophir Canon Mines Company Of Nevada THE OPHIR CANON MINES COMPANY

The Ophir Canon Mines Company Of Nevada



Publication: The Merchants Publishing Company, Printers, Stationers, n d (ca 1907), Denver

First edition. 6" x 9" oblong, sting-tied, printed wrappers, 23 pp., double column, illustrated from photographs, maps, plats. Color map bound in at the front of booklet that unfolds to 18" x 14 1/2." Map is titled "Sketch Map of Nevada and The Southeastern Portion of California," and is published by The Clason Map Company, Denver, Colorado in 1906." Map has a white background, is printed in blue with The Ophir Canon Mines in red. The folding map is in fine, unused condition. This company is looking for investors with their chief objective to restart the mines and put them back on a dividend paying basis as quickly as possible. They plan to invest in modern mining machinery, old drifts and shafts will be cleared out and extended; water rights will be developed to provide power at minimum cost; and the drainage and operating tunnel will be driven to unwater the mines, to explore the virgin ground, and to provide the cheapest means for handling the immense quantities of low-grade ores standing in the slopes of the old workings. Two mines, the Forlorn and Murphy have shown to be valuable for their rich deposits of gold and silver in the past. .First discovered in 1865 by S. Boulerond and friends, the Murphy mine was the leading producer in the area. However after a successful few years the mines closed in 1887. This company feels there are valuable mineral deposits available and with some new investors and cash the mining benefits will be quickly realized. Some nice photographs of the mines as well as some interesting plat sites. Fine, bright copy with original mailing envelope.

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