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The New Improved "Anthony Wayne Washer."  [ANTHONY WAYNE].

The New Improved "Anthony Wayne Washer."


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Publication: Buffalo: CM Dunston Lith,1892,

24 mo, 3-1/2" x 5-3/4" pictorial wrappers, 26 pp. (including the covers), illustrated. The Anthony Wayne Manufacturing Co. is in Fort Wayne, IN. The company claims to make their washing machines the best, most efficient, and most valuable washing machines in the country keeping their high standard of excellency that they've gained during the past six years. The Anthony Wayne Washer was first produced in 1886 and in a five year time period 65,000 units have been sold. The front cover is a lithograph of a woman cooking while her oldest child is running the Anthony Wayne Washer while reading, along with a toddler sitting on the floor, creating a happy family atmosphere. The rear cover is a lithograph of another manufacturer's washer and total chaos. On the inside front cover there is an illustration of The New Improved "Anthony Wayne Washer." There are illustrations and descriptions of the following: The Western Star Washer, The New Improved "Western Star Washer," Different Parts of the Gearing, Interior View of No. 2 & 3 Anthony Wayne Washers, and Interior View of No. 1 Anthony Wayne Washer. There are 16 pages containing satisfied dealer and customer testimonial reviews. There is another illustration of The New Improved "Western Star Washer" from a different angle on the inside rear wrapper. Stamped twice with the name Stockton & Allen, General Hardware in the body of the text, else a fine, bright copy of an elusive item.

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