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The Guilt Of Innocents. by  Candace. Robb

The Guilt Of Innocents.

by Candace. Robb

First edition. Fine in dust jacket. Set in the winter on 1372, in York, a man has drowned after a skirmish with some boys from St. Peter's School. It quickly becomes clear that it wasn't an accident. But why would a humble pilot on the river be killed for possessing a young boy's purse? Suspicion falls on Father Nicholas Ferriby, Vicar of Weston and master of a small grammar school, who has already offended many people. One-eyed spy, Owen Archer, Captain of Archbishop Thoresby's guard and known for solving many crimes, is quickly brought to the scene by his son. Clear that the pilot has been killed for more than a purse, an increasingly cranky Thoresby reluctantly agrees to let Owen investigate the man's murder.

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