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The Gaucho by B.W Allred

The Gaucho

by B.W Allred

Publication: Potomac Corral of the Westerners, 1961, Washington

First edition. Quarto. Vol. VI, No. 1, of Corral Dust. Printed wrappers, 8 pp. The Gaucho of Argentina, Paraguay, southern Brazil, and Bolivia is the South American counterpart of our cowboy. Also includes an article written by Carol P. Russell and entitled, "Blue-Eyed Men in Buckskin - II." This is the continuation of an article featured in the December, 1960, issue of Corral Dust by Russell. In this second part of the article, Russell traces the activity and influence of the fur traders and mountain men as they moved westward into California, with particular interest paid to Jedediah Smith. Fine copy.

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