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The Flavor Of Texas by  J. Frank Dobie

The Flavor Of Texas

by J. Frank Dobie

First edition, first state and second state dust jackets. 8vo. Salmon and tan cloth, printed in black. [12] 287 pp., frontispiece, illustrated by Alexander Hogue, This is a beautiful copy containing both dust jackets that were issued for this title. Six Guns 602 says, "Has some information on Clay Allison and other gunmen." Fine, unread copy in fine, first and second state dust jackets. Nice copies, unread, in either dust jacket are very scarce. SIX GUNS 602. HERD 691. DOBIE p.51: "Considerable social history;" p.55: "Chapters on Bean, Green, Duval, Kendall, and other representers of the fighting Texans." DYKES, My Dobie Collection, p.8: "Hard to find and expensive" [#11 on his rarities list].

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