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The Champlain Valley Champlain Valley Council

The Champlain Valley

Champlain Valley Council

Publication: Designed, written and produced by Hay's Advertising Agency, nd (circa 1930), Port Henry

9" x 4." 40pp. including striking colorful wrappers that feature Samuel de Champlain in a birchbark canoe with two Native Americans that shows the Champlain Valley region. Black and white photographs. Double map at center entitled "Scenic Highways and Gateways to and through THE CHAMPLAIN VALLEY" with the highways and gateways in red. Descriptions of many places such as Whitehall, N.Y.; Ticonderoga; Brandon, Vermont; Crown Point, New York; Port Henry, N.Y.; Lake Champlain Bridge; Route of the Air Mail from New York and Albany via Burlington to Montreal; and Plattsburgh, N.Y., et. al. List of hotels and resorts recommended by the Champlain Valley Council. Very good+ brochure full of interesting information.

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