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Texas-Mexican Border Views. (Cover Title) BARRETT, T. J. [PHOTOGRAPHER AND PUBLISHER]

Texas-Mexican Border Views. (Cover Title)


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Publication: Published by T j Barrett, n d (ca 1910 - 1919), Brownsville, Texas, 1910 -1919

First edition. 3 1/2" x 5 3/4" printed, textured wrappers, album of ten post cards showing U. S. and Mexican military soldiers, views of Matamoros and Brownsville, including the International Bridge and Mexican village scenes. This is an uncommon souvenir album, almost certainly produced to market to U.S. soldiers on duty during the U.S.-Mexico conflict. Scenes include city views of Brownsville, uniformed soldiers standing guard and in battle formation (likely staged); portraits of Mexican natives, etc. Printed by the Albertype process, producing quite detailed and unfaded images. T. J. Barrett is not listed in either Mautz's Biographies of Western Photographers nor in Treadwell & Darrah. He appears to have been active for a short time in Brownsville but left little trace otherwise. Covers lightly used with light wear to the front corners, and pencil notations have been made on the back of three cards by a former owner, who was mostly likely a veteran of the U. S. - Mexico Border War based upon his notations. Very good copy.

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