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Sympathy For The Devil by William Shaw

Sympathy For The Devil

by William Shaw

First edition. Signed and dated by the author. As new, unread copy in dust jacket. SUMMER OF LOVE She made a profit from her youth. She's not beautiful anymore, but now she will be young forever. Called away from his pregnant girlfriend, Detective Sergeant Cathal Breen knows the sight of the murdered prostitute will be with him all his life but this is what he does: he finds killers. Helen Tozer, more than most, understands why. SUMMER OF DEATH The girl they called Julie Teenager had a client list full of suspects...all rich and well-protected powerful men. When Breen gets a phone call from MI6, he fears just how protected his suspect is. These are dangerous waters, where Russian spies hide. Then Helen, with her unstoppable copper's instinct dives into the investigation. Breen knows he has more to lose than ever before. He's about to become a father. He can have no sympathy for the devil.

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