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Sun In Their Eyes by Monte Barrett

Sun In Their Eyes

by Monte Barrett

Publication: Popular Library, nd, ca 1950, New York

First paperback edition. Popular Library 224. Notable mainly for its stunning cover art by Rudy Belarski, one of his very few Western paperbacks, of a buxom blonde lady who is struggling [sort of] with a long-sideburned man dressed in buckskins. Truly classic "good girl" art by the most avidly collected of the great paperback and pulp cover artists. Even tanning to a few early pages, else near fine in bright and crisp pictorial wrappers. Texas setting. Teresa de Lerdo, bastard child of an Indian woman and a Spanish grandee, and Jonathan Kirk, daring leader of Kirk's Scouts, are lovers. During the first American invasion of Texas, the two lovers are caught up in the fierce fight to win an empire. But Kirk has a rival among the leaders of the invasion --- Miguel Salazar --- a man who wants the throne and want Teresa!

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