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Sioux Indian Painting C SZWEDZICKI

Sioux Indian Painting


Other works by C SZWEDZICKI

Publication: C Szwedzicki, 1938, Nice, France

First Edition. Pictorial Boards. 2 Volumes. #365 of 400 Sets. Part I, 15pp.+25 Color Plates. Part II, 10pp.+25 Color Plates. Folio. Plates are 15.375" x 19.625." Introduction and Notes by Hartley Burr Alexander. Part I text block is entitled "Painting Of The Sioux And Other Tribes Of The Great Plains." Text is in English and French, and provides a general history and description of each plate. Part I presents the art of 9 different Indians: 3 Sioux, 1 Mandan, 4 Shoshone, and 1 Kiowa to include works by Kills Two (Nupa Kie), Amos Bad Heart Buffalo (Tatanka Cante Sice), Pretty Hawk, Chief Charles Washakie, Katsikodi, Silver Horn (Haun-goo-ah). Part II text block is entitled "The Art Of Amos Bad Heart Buffalo," an important Sioux artist. With descriptions of each plate in English and French, the accompanying 25 color plates are all by Amos Bad Heart Buffalo, including a series of famous scenes from the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Seventeen of the twenty-five plates in the second part relate entirely to the Custer battle, and others to the Wounded Knee massacre. When the drawings were reproduced in 1967 in A Pictographic History of the Oglala Sioux, they were singled out as a Custer "Highspot." A rare and important collection of the art of various Northern Plains Indians. The majority of the plates depict a combat or battle between individual Indians, groups of Indians, an Indian and a soldier, an Indian and a civilian, or groups of Indians and the U.S. Army. These were important records of history, or personal victories or achievements. Signed by Szwedzicki. Both volumes in near fine condition. The plates are all loose, laid-in as issued, and complete. The beautifully produced color plates are all in fine condition.

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