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Rubber. The Modern Miracle United States Rubber Company

Rubber. The Modern Miracle

United States Rubber Company

Publication: Privately printed, 1934, NP

6 3/8" x 4 3/8" in pictorial wrappers. 28pp. During the 1934 Century of Progress Exposition, the United States Rubber Company partnered with the Ford Motor Company in order that visitors could better understand rubber ... not only in transportation but as it affects everyday life. Information about and photographs of the rubber plantation, how rubber is grown for U.S. products, putting a tire together, tempered rubber, the cog-wheel tread, watch-vase curing method, rubber used in footwear, bathing suits, golf balls, etc. Inside rear wrapper is a listing of products of the U.S. Rubber Company. Double-page map at center showing where the U.S. obtains its rubber goods. Water stain to 1" of edge throughout booklet, crease to bottom corner of front wrapper, and crumpling to rear wrapper.

Inventory Number: 44329