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Presumed Innocent. by Scott. Turow

Presumed Innocent.

by Scott. Turow

Publication: Farrar Straus Giroux, 1987, New York

First edition. Author's first novel. Fine in dust jacket. Chief Deputy prosecutor Rusty Sabich is asked to investigate the rape and murder of one of his colleagues ... Carolyn Polhemus, a beautiful and promiscuous divorcee ... and Rusty's old lover! Rusty soon finds himself the prime suspect in Carolyn's murder. The evidence against him is serious .... calls made from his home to hers on the night of the murder, a bar glass with his fingerprints on it, carpet fibers matching those at his house are found at her home, etc. Soon Rusty is not only fighting for his marriage and his career, but now he's fighting for his life!

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