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Milton Caniff Letter Dated May 9, 1945 MILTON A CANIFF

Milton Caniff Letter Dated May 9, 1945


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Publication: 1945, NP

Letter containing four typed paragraphs and 125 words on Milton A. Caniff's personal stationary. Also included is the envelope to the recipient which includes a three cent first class postage stamp. In the typed text of the letter, Caniff explains that he cannot provide a sketch for the Lincoleum, because of his work commitments on Terry and Male Call, the weekly Army strip, plus several assignments currently in work on Army and Navy manuals. He signs the letter in ink as "Milton Caniff." Milton Caniff, often referred to as "the Rembrandt of comic strips," was an American cartoonist famous for his long-running comic strips, Terry and the Pirates and Steve Canyon. Unable to pursue his desire to join the military due to a medical condition, Caniff also used his artistic talents to contribute to the morale of U.S. troops during World War II with the creation of Male Call, an adventure comic strip featuring soldiers, which was available exclusively to members of the armed forces. Letter and envelope are in fine condition.

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