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Judas 62


Other works by CHARLES CUMMING

Publication: HarperCollins Publisher, 2021, London

First edition. Signed by the author. As new, unread copy in dust jacket. There are two trade editions of this book issued. According to Hatchards, Charles Cumming came into their store and signed some of their stock. Their copies have 502pp. and a different title page from this second trade edition's title page. This trade edition has a "Waterstones Signed Edition with exclusive content" sticker on the front cover, 508pp. and a promotional page. This is the second book in the BOX 88 thriller series. BOX 88 is a covert intelligence organization that operates beneath the radar. 1993: Student Lachlan Kite is sent to post-Soviet Russia in the guise of a language teacher. In reality, he is there as a spy. Top secret intelligence agency BOX 88 has ordered Kite to extract a chemical weapons scientist before his groundbreaking research falls into the wrong hands. But Kite’s mission soon goes wrong and he is left stranded in a hostile city with a former KGB officer on his tail. 2020: Now the director of BOX 88 operations in the UK, Kite discovers he has been placed on the ‘JUDAS’ list ... a record of enemies of Russia who have been targeted for assassination. Kite’s fight for survival takes him to Dubai, where he must confront the Russian secret state head on.

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