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International Auto Wagons. Commercial Cars International Harvester Company, Chicago, Illinois

International Auto Wagons. Commercial Cars

International Harvester Company, Chicago, Illinois

Other works by International Harvester Company, Chicago, Illinois

Publication: International Harvester Company, nd (ca 1912), Chicago

First edition. 9 3/4" x 7 3/4" in turquoise pictorial wrappers showing an illustration of an auto wagon. Title and illustration are printed in silver. 24pp. Illustrations. Specifications. The International Service Car, “is manufactured in quantities to insure the best possible construction at minimum cost. It is not a pleasure car, and does not compete with pleasure cars, neither is it a pleasure car made over to sell as a business wagon. It is strictly a commercial car whose size, power, shape, transmission, tires, road clearance, construction, price - all are the result of years of experience in building a car that should prove most satisfactory for light hauling and quick deliveries in the hands of average drivers.” Section on Motor Trucks vs. Horses .... “It is the man who uses two or three horses and does not feel that he has sufficient hauling to keep the truck busy the entire day who questions the advisability of buying a truck. With him it is a matter of dollars and cents. He msut be convinced that a truck will serve him better and at a cost not to exceed the cost of maintaining horse-and-wagon equipment to do the same work.” It is with this in mind that there is the section comparing the use of motor trucks to horses. Illustrations and specifications of several vehicles to include Models “M-W,” “M-A,” “A-A” and “A-W.” Illustrations and specs are followed by information on the vehicle's design, high-grade steel crank shafts and connecting rods, an oiling system without adjustments, a simple and effective clutch, the double-system of ignition, spark plugs and the carburetor being readily accessible, its well constructed body, its one lever control, the ease of operation, etc. Final pages offer illustrations of various special body types. At center is a two-page illustration of the International Commercial Car chassis. Chips to corners of front and rear panels, scraping to spine along with 2" split to foot of spine and scotch tape residue as well as with light creasing to bottom corners of text. Very good.

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