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Fer-De-Lance. A Nero Wolfe Mystery REX STOUT

Fer-De-Lance. A Nero Wolfe Mystery


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Publication: Farrar & Rinehart, Inc, Publishers, 1934, New York

First edition. Introduces Nero Wolfe. Fine in a fine, professionally restored dust jacket, lightly faded on the spine. Introduces Nero Wolfe, the brilliant, idiosyncratic, and obese armchair detective. PI Wolfe is asked to find Carlo Maffei, who has simply disappeared. Shortly thereafter, his body is found murdered on a golf course. Wolfe`s inquiries reveal a possible connection with the sudden death of university president Barstow. As Wolfe looks into the murders, he finds that he is getting very close to solving the murders when a fer-de-lance (one of the most deadly snakes known to man) is delivered and a ball boy from the golf course provides a crucial clue. A Haycraft/Queen Cornerstone mystery and a beautiful copy.

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