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Extra ! Alaska Forum Newspaper by Alaska Forum

Extra ! Alaska Forum Newspaper

by Alaska Forum

Publication: Alaska Forum Newspaper Co, 1901, Rampart, Alaska

First edition. 15" x 11" newspaper, 4 pp., four columns per sheet. An extremely rare extra issue of the ALASKA FORUM, printed entirely as a promotional publication to attract miners to Rampart, Alaska during the gold rush. Heads of stories are A New Eldorado; Hunter Creek; Richer Than Ever; What is Needed in this District; Paystreak is Located; American Gold Camp; To Get Results; A Rich Discovery; Summer Mining and A Fortune in Sight, etc. The reports concern the fabulous finds in the area of Rampart, "on the Yukon, in American territory, about mid way between St. Michaels and Dawson City, or approximately one thousand miles from each." It is the intention of the publishers of the ALASKA FORUM, by means of this special issue, to bring to the attention of people in the Eastern states the claim of Rampart City, Alaska, as the gold mining center of this Territory. To that end, thousands of copies of the FORUM are being distributed over New England and the Eastern states. We believe, and we are backing that belief with good money, that the growth of this town cannot fail to be rapid, once capitalists and others are led to appreciate the unrivaled advantages Rampart offers to investor and wage earner alike. With the growth of the town will come the no less certain growth of this FORUM, and therein we find justification for this issue." The exact number of the "EXTRA" printed are unknown but there is a copy found at the Beinecke Library and the DeGolyer Library. Considered to be very scarce, it is even more remarkable to have a copy in this fine condition with a few minor nicks to the margins and moderately tanned.

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