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Everybody's Favorite Duck. by Gahan. Wilson

Everybody's Favorite Duck.

by Gahan. Wilson

Publication: The Mysterious Press, 1988, New York

First edition. 8vo. Signed and with an original drawing of the duck by the author. Fine in dust jacket. When a fiendishly brilliant Napolean of Crime, a cruelly diabolical Chinese mastermind, and a crafty French rogue are seen eating together, Manhattan police, the FBI, and the CIA wonder what the three are plotting ... Whose fate hangs in the balance? How can their plans be foiled? Most importantly, what is their connection to famed cartoonist Art Waldo's creation, Quacky the Lucky Duck? Enoch Bone and John Weston offer the "good guy" some much needed help. "A thundering and uproarious adventure" by the celebrated cartoonist and comic novelist.

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