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El Palacio Magazine VARIOUS AUTHORS

El Palacio Magazine


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Publication: El Palacio Magazine, 1987, Santa Fe

First edition. 4to. El Palacio is the magazine of the Museum of New Mexico, Volume 93, Number 1, Summer/Fall 1987. Color printed stiff wrappers, 47 [1] pp. (entire issue), introduction, illustrated. This issue of EL PALACO "… is a tribute not only to the objects crafted by the Indian peoples and now on display in …. Museum(s), but also to the people who made and continue to make them and to their way of looking at the world." - Letter from the Editor. This entire issue is a collection of articles on Native American arts and the artists. Articles in this issue include: Introduction by John A. Ware. On the sixtieth anniversary of the Laboratory of Anthropology, the new Museum of Indian Arts and Culture aspires to the goals of the Lab’s founders. The Process of Culture ... The Indian Perspective by Rina Swentzell. In this thought-provoking article, the author explains that the new museum and the Indian community must find a common ground in order to "dance together." Some Native Baskets of the Southwest by Andrew Hunter Whiteford. A lucid overview of the development of this oldest of Southwest Indian crafts, which is threatened with extinction. Pueblo and Navajo Textiles in the Laboratory of Anthropology by Kate P. Kent. Focusing on several fine textiles from the Lab’s extensive collection, the author contrasts Pueblo with Navajo weaving. The Beginnings of a Tradition—Pottery Making Comes to the Southwest by Stewart Peckham. The introduction of pottery from Mexico and its rapid spread through the American Southwest are traced by means of tree-ring and radiocarbon dating. Historic and Contemporary Pueblo Pottery by Rick Dillingham. The remarkable evolution of Pueblo pottery from the years following the Pueblo Revolt to the present day attests to the adaptability of its makers. Southwest Indian Jewelry by Nancy Fox. The basic human need for personal adornment is spectacularly demonstrated by the Lab’s collection of thirteen centuries of ornaments. The Architecture of Time ... an interview with Edward Mazria. The new Museum of Indian Arts and Culture encourages a dynamic interaction between people and the natural environment. Archaeology at the Museum of New Mexico ... Past, Present, Future By David A. Phillips, Jr. and Curtis F. Schaafsma. Eleven thousand years of New Mexico's past are available to us only through archaeological work, which is carried out by the dedicated State Archaeologist and Museum of New Mexico Research Section. Pots, People, and Provocation ... The Laboratory of Anthropology/Museum of Indian Arts and Culture by Steven Horvath and Linda Moon. Imaginative multimedia programs at the new museum strive to convey a sense of the Indian worldview to visitor. Interior glue has aged and loosened a few pages, but magazine is complete and in near fine condition. Interesting and informative.

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