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Deadly Nightshade. ELIZABETH DALY

Deadly Nightshade.


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Publication: Farrar & Rinehart, Inc, 1940, New York

First edition. Author's second book. Fine in dust jacket, lightly soiled on the rear cover, light wear to the spine ends and lower front corner. Det. Henry Gamadge, bibliophile, is at work attempting to establish the authenticity of a manuscript when he is asked to travel to Maine to help his old friend Mitchell, a Maine state detective. There had been a number of nightshade poisonings and he wanted Gamadge's help to unravel the mystery. During the course of the investigation, they meet a number of strange people that include gypsies, an artist, his wife and their child's nurse, a farmer's family, and a lone old lady. And there were the kittens, with ribbons around their necks....

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