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Child's Simplex Play-Board Puzzle - No. 182 - Cars. SIMPLEX

Child's Simplex Play-Board Puzzle - No. 182 - Cars.


Publication: ND ca 1960, Holland, circa 1960

Made in Holland circa 1960. 8-1/2" X 12" picture puzzle for children aged 2 - 5 years of age. Non-toxic paint, and easy-lift knobs. 14 stand-up pieces. When you lift each puzzle piece, the name of the vehicle is written in the space below. The puzzle features a busy street scene with stores, crosswalks, pedestrians, and vehicles. The puzzle is in bright, shiny eye-catching colors. Simplex began in 1945 in southern Netherlands until Fisher Price took it over in about 1977 when the factory was closed. The original decorated box is in very good condition with minor wear to the edges of the box, the corners of the lid and to the bottom of the box. An unusual and unique item.

Inventory Number: 33160