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Bryant & May. Oranges And Lemons CHRISTOPHER FOWLER

Bryant & May. Oranges And Lemons



Publication: Doubleday, 2020, London

First edition. Signed by the author on the title page. As new, unread copy in dust jacket. One Sunday morning, the outspoken Speaker of the House of Commons steps out of his front door only to be crushed under a mountain of citrus fruit. Bizarre accident or something more sinister? The government needs to know because here's a man whose knowledge of Parliament’s biggest secret could put the future of the government at stake. It should be the perfect case for Bryant & May and the Peculiar Crimes Unit, but unfortunately one detective is in the hospital, another has disappeared and the rest of the team have all been dismissed. It seems the PCU no longer exists. Events escalate: a series of brutal crimes seemingly linked to an old English folk-song threatens the very foundation of London society and out of the blue the PCU is offered a reprieve and are temporarily back in business! And if the two elderly detectives, ‘old men in a woke world’, do manage to set aside their differences and discover why some of London’s most influential figures are under attack, they might not only save the unit but also prevent the entire city from descending into chaos.

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