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Bluefeather Fellini In The Sacred Realm by  Max Evans

Bluefeather Fellini In The Sacred Realm

by Max Evans

First edition. "Set mostly in New Mexico in the late 1950s, the story follows Bluefeather Fellini-half Taos Indian, half Italian, a prospector and WWII vet-as he undertakes a mission to locate priceless cases of wine but instead stumbles upon a subterranean complex of caverns populated by human-like "triloids," fish-horses and other bizarre evolutionary offshoots. This underground realm-which Bluefeather explores with Marsha Korbell, his fiery redheaded lover; Sherry Rousset, a Harvard-educated Kenyan naturalist; and Bluefeather's cryptic spirit-guide, Dancing Bear-holds such wonders as a vast limestone palace guarded by the Olders, banished human criminals who can never return above ground. Two mad and power-hungry entrepreneurs have designs on this realm, and Bluefeather suspects that Marsha, the adopted daughter of one of them, may be spying for her father." Fine in dust jacket.

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