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Beaumont, Riverside County, California Beaumont Chamber Of Commerce

Beaumont, Riverside County, California

Beaumont Chamber Of Commerce

Publication: Chamber of Commerce, 1937, Beaumont

First edition. 2 - 16" x 9 3/4"sheets, folded to 16 panels and bound by two staples. Map. Numerous illustrations. “Beaumont welcome an investigation. It would take volumes in addition to this folder to portray the many advantages of living in Beaumont. Many of the residents have been here for years, many more come each year, and remain. The entire community joins in extending you an invitation to come.” Located at a half-mile elevation in the pass area south of Southern California’s highest peak, San Gorgonio Mountain, Beaumont is bordered on the east by the city of Banning, on the south by the city of San Jacinto, on the west by the city of Calimesa, and on the north by the unincorporated community of Cherry Valley. Directed at home seekers, this booster piece describes in detail the climate, resort facilities, population, public utilities, hospitals, parks, organizations, schools, industries, agriculture, etc. A fine copy. Scarce.

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