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Be On Your Way! Ford Touring Car Ford Motor Company, Detroit, Michigan

Be On Your Way! Ford Touring Car

Ford Motor Company, Detroit, Michigan

Mailer from a Houston Car Dealership. 11" x 17" sheet folded to four panels and further folded into 3 3/4" x 8 1/2" sections. One panel offers a self-contained stamped envelope addressed to J.D. Smallwood, 1713 La Branch City and with a return address of Johnston Motor Co., Houston - Texas; information stating that there are now about the 35,000 Authorized Ford Sales and Service Stations; and illustrations as well as pricing information on Ford's Fordor Sedan, Tudor Sedan, Runabout, and Coupe. Most interesting are the hand-written comments by a potential buyer (perhaps J.S. Smallwood) beside each model .... "Reckon we'll ever own one?" Sheet opens to a bright colorful illustration showing a family in a Ford touring Car and with another family at a campsite with their Ford parked beside the tent. Again pricing information if offered which is $297 F.O.B. Detroit, as well as hand-written comments .... "$295 - Joke. Starter and Demountable Rims $85 Extra + freight + insurance + federal tax + other extras, etc. = NEARLY $550 Light chipping to edges along with light soiling and with rubbing to folds. Very good. A beautiful brochure.

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