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Baccalaureate Poem By Mrs. W. J. Hamlett, To The Graduating Class Of The Palestine Female College MRS W. J. HAMLETT

Baccalaureate Poem By Mrs. W. J. Hamlett, To The Graduating Class Of The Palestine Female College


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Publication: Privately printed, 1879, Palestine

First edition. 7 7/8" x 6" four page brochure that contains a three page poem, written by request, and delivered in the College Hall, Wednesday Evening, June 25th, 1879, to the graduating class of the Palestine Female College. The poem was dedicated to the Teachers of Texas, who have so kindly received that earlier poem 'SHALL WE DIVIDE THE STATE,' with most cordial and fraternal greeting. In 1858 a school to be called Palestine Female Institute was authorized by stock subscription to be built on land donated by Reuben A. Reeves and Paul J. and Mary Simons. In 1873 the Palestine Education Association was formed. Professor A. H. Bailey from Alabama served as principal of the school, which offered literary, music, art, and telegraphic courses to both male and female students. On July 29, 1876, a new charter was obtained, and the name was changed to Palestine Female College. In 1881 in a second election voters approved the transfer of the school property to the public school system. The site of the institute was occupied by the Palestine Junior High School building in 1990. The poem champions the position and responsibilities of a woman. An example stanza states "And so it is, though her beauty charms, Her love, like the sun, the whole earth warms; Though 'frailty's the name of woman,' long Will her virtues live in art and song. Though she is weak, yet her innocence is a tower of strength in her defence; And, dowered with beauty, gifted with love Lifted by purity high above The baser elements of mankind, The noblest work of her heart and mind Is to reach down from her peerless height, Strong in the armor of Truth and Right, Into the depths of suffering where Humanity struggles in its despair. Into the darkness, the gloom of night, Where wickedness triumphs o'er might and right - And to hold out in warning and command A pardoning, helping, winning hand. In vain may Morality preach and teach Where law nor society never can reach, In vain may reformers cry 'Reform!' And philanthropists raise an entreating arm; The work to be done is the work of years, By woman's patience, and toil and tears; This, grandest work of our times and land, Is to be the work of woman's hand." This brochure was, until March 1, 1949, in the estate of Ike Moore. Edges uniformly browned, small closed tear to front and rear covers else a good copy.

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