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Apache Pass. "Most Formidable Of Gorges" RICHARD Y MURRAY

Apache Pass. "Most Formidable Of Gorges"


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Publication: Potomac Corral of the Westerners, 1961, Washington

First edition. Quarto. Vol. VI, No. 3, of Corral Dust. Printed wrappers, 8 pp. Old Fort Bowie at the eastern entrance to Apache Pass was erected to keep safe passage between Tucson and the Rio Grande. This area had been a constant source of problems due to renegade Apaches. Also includes article by Graham Hollister entitled, "Colonel Hollister's Westward Trek," a native of Ohio who came west in the 1850s and became a wealthy rancher and entrepreneur in California. Also an article written by William I. Palmer entitled, "Colorado - River of Conflict." Fine copy.

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