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Antique Bronze Book Stand And Letter Holder JUDD MANUFACTURING COMPANY

Antique Bronze Book Stand And Letter Holder



Publication: J H Judd Company, 1910, Wallingford, Connecticut

This pre-1930s bronze stand was designed with two shelves. The lower shelf appears to have been designed for use as a letter holder, note card holder, etc. The top shelf may have been intended for use as a book rack or other vertical files. Each of the two shelves was designed with cut outs of two Whirling Logs (Swastikas) and a circle. The two vertical end supports each has the profile, in relief, of an Indian wearing a feather headdress. To the left of his face is an impression of a Whirling Log. The background color surrounding the Indian is light green, and his face is bronze. The unit is stamped with the company's item number 9953. This unit was manufactured by Judd Manufacturing Company of Wallingford, Connecticut, prior to 1930. After 1930, the Whirling Logs were eliminated from further productions. Judd Manufacturing Company had its start in 1833 in New Britain, Connecticut, as a harness manufacturer. After different family members took charge, the name became J. H. Judd Co. Shortly after the Civil War, the company was moved to New Haven, Connecticut, then later to its permanent address of Wallingford, Connecticut. Around 1910, the company began manufacturing art metal items of exceptional quality sand castings in iron, brass, and bronze. Bookends and book racks were produced between 1910 and the late 1930s. Recommended reading: The Swastika Symbol in Navajo Textiles, by Dennis Aigner. Very good condition.

Inventory Number: 47766