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Across The Nightingale Floor.  by Lian. Hearn

Across The Nightingale Floor.

by Lian. Hearn

Publication: 1968

First UK edition. Fine in dust jacket. Takeo is sixteen when he loses his family and is saved from death by the noble Lord Otori Shigeru, rightful heir to the Clan of the Otori. As Takeo travels into new territory and towards an unknown life, the tribal rivalries, romances and histories at large in this new world are revealed to him. The times are treacherous and everyone is at risk...few to be trusted. Takeo has supernatural skills of the Tribe...preternatural hearing, and the ability to be in two places at once, invisibility. He is at once desirable and highly dangerous to those in power. His life is soon in danger. This book has been reviewed as a "riveting story" and "genuinely very difficult to put down once you've started it".

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