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A Journey Beyond The Rocky Mountains In 1835, 1836, And 1837 PARKER, REV SAMUEL, A.M.

A Journey Beyond The Rocky Mountains In 1835, 1836, And 1837


Other works by PARKER, REV SAMUEL, A.M.

Publication: William and Robert Chambers, 1841, Edinburgh

Corrected and Extended in the Present Edition. Housed in 10 3/4" x 6 1/2" blue cardboard covers. 78 pp., Editor's Preface, Contents. Advertisement to the Present Edition: "The Journal of Mr. Parker, originally produced in the United State (Ithaca, New York, 1838), seemed to the present Publishers to contain so much interesting and valuable matter, as to be worthy of being laid before the public of this country. As was justly observed, however, in the North American Review, the work had defects both as regarded 'method and literary execution.' Moreoever, as the same authority, an impartial one in all respects, remarked, Mr. Parker had 'marred the value of his geographical and geological details by mixing up with them sundry inaccurate and superficial speculations of his own, concerning the general doctrine of the history of the globe's formation,' and other points In the present edition, pains have been taken to remove these blemishes. The inaccuracies of language have been rectified, a number of needless exclamations modified or deleted, and the crude disquisitions upon geology, in which the author had most unnecessarily indulged, have been, as far as was possible, expunged from the work. As here given, the Publishers conceive that it will be held a useful and agreeable addition to the literature of the day. In the preface that follows, the progress of discovery in the interior of North America, previously to the time of Mr. Parker, has been briefly detailed, with the view of rendering the work more complete." Chapters include: Commencement of the Journey - - Towns on the Ohio and Mississippi; Voyage up the Missouri - - Fur Company's Caravan; Tribes on the Missouri - - Life in the Prairies; Buffalo Dance - - Grizzly Bears - - Geology; Indian Tribes - - Profligacy of the American Hunters; Trois Tetons - - Fight of Pierre's Hole - - Desire of the Indians for Religious Instruction; Journey over the Salmon River Mountains - - Arrival at Fort Walla-Walla; Hudson's Bay Company - - Cayuse Indians; Fort Vancouver - - Departure for Astoria or Fort George; Fort George - - Mouth of the Columbia - - Pacific Ocean; Review of Journey - - Voyage up the Willamette - - Methodist Mission; Obstacles to Christianity - - Description of Vancouver Fur and Farming Establishment - - Hardships of a Hunter's Life; Indian Population - - Diseases - - Mortality - - Resemblance between Indian and Jewish Customs; The various Animals beyond the Rocky Mountains; Fish - - Vegetation - - Soil and Climate; Character and Condition of the Indians of the Plains; The Indians of the Lower Country; Numbers of the Indian Tribes; Departure for the Upper Country - - Arrival at Walla-Walla; Paloose Indians - - Pavilion River - - Fort Colville; Indians of the Upper Country - - Journey from Walla-Walla to Fort Vancouver; General Remarks - - Ornithology; Sandwich Islands - - Description of Oahu - - Missionary Success; and Homeward Voyage - - Society Islands - - Arrival at New London - - Conclusion. Library stamp to title page and top of page 5.

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