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7 3/4" X 12 1/2" Four Page Holograph Letter Dated March 28, 1884, From Huron, Dakota Territory. C.F. HARRIS

7 3/4" X 12 1/2" Four Page Holograph Letter Dated March 28, 1884, From Huron, Dakota Territory.


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Publication: 1884,

Letter written entirely in ink on lined writing paper to his cousin, Addison B. Hayes, Hawkinsville, Oneida County, New York. This interesting letter points out in detail the many advantages for living in present-day South Dakota, such as the climate, the prairies are covered with wild ducks and geese, emigrants are coming into the area from every state in the Union and at a great pace, the friendly people, the opportunities to make money, etc. He says in part "Farming pays well here, wheat is worth this spring from $90 cents to $1.35, corn $.50 common, oats $.30 cents to $.40 cents, ...." While he puts up a good front, in fact he's lonely, as he's been there a year, his cousin Addison has not responded to his several letters, he implores him to respond with a long letter telling him how things are going back home. He strongly suggests that Addison come out to visit him for a season as he says, "If you could leave the old folks a while, I don't think you would ever regret a season here." He talks about statehood and how ...."the Democrats will not let us be admitted as a state, do you think they are naughty?" Towards the end of his letter he abandons his good cheer and convincing style and simply says, "We are sowing wheat now, I was down on my ranch and rented my land and sold my team. Think I'll not farm any this season. I don't like the idea of batching. If you come fetch a woman for me, if you don't for yourself. How many wild oats have you sown and how many snowdrifts have you left?" He closes by saying "Addison you must write me a long letter and put in all the news. How many deer and rabbits you have slayed? Give my kind regards to all inquiring friends." Several fold creases, three small tears at folds to one page, and two small fold tears to second sheet reinforced with transparent tape, else letters and original mailing envelope in very good condition. Excellent content from Dakota Territory.

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