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4" X 5" Photograph Of "Sunset" Carson. "SUNSET" PHO CARSON

4" X 5" Photograph Of "Sunset" Carson.


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Publication: None, 1986

Star of innumerable "B" Western movies. Fine. Portrait in ten-gallon hat, boldly inscribed, "To Richard, your pal, Sunset Carson, '86." Sunset was quite handsome, standing 6'6" tall and boasting quite a following among female audience members ... a rarity in the field of action adventures. But, unfortunately, Carson was a terrible actor. Despite his lack of acting prowess, he did look great on a horse and so, was awarded his own series by Republic Pictures. In just two years, 1945 and 1946, Sunset Carson starred in fifteen action-packed westerns plus guest starred in a Roy Rogers extravaganza. Shortly thereafter Republic fired him for allegedly for being drunk at a studio function. Sunset Carson was able to make more of an impression on western filmdom than most cowboys managed to do in their entire movie careers.

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