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11 Issues Of Air Force And Space Digest (UNITED STATES AIR FORCE)

11 Issues Of Air Force And Space Digest



Publication: The Air Force Association, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, Washington, DC

A collection of 11 issues of Air Force and Space Digest, published between 1964 and 1967, with the majority being published in 1966. Air & Space Forces Magazine is the monthly journal of the Air & Space Forces Association and among the world’s foremost publications on defense, aerospace, and airpower. We cover Air and Space operations, programs, technology, as well as its people and history. Air & Space Forces Magazine is an authoritative source for insight and analysis about airpower, space power, and U.S. and allied defense strategy. The collection includes: October 1964 ... Vol. 47, No. 10. Public Attitudes and Personal Sacrifices By Curtis E. LeMay. September 1965 ... Vol. 48, No. 9. Airpower Lessons of World War II by Dr. Robert E. Futrell; Industry and World War II - Embryo to Vigorous Maturity by Karl G. Harr, Jr.; Managing the Explosion: Technology in World War II and After by J.S. Butz, Jr.; October 1965 ... Vol. 48, No. 10. Evolution of a Decision by William Leavitt; The Technical Promise and Prospects by J.S. Butz, Jr.; Air War in Vietnam ... an AF/SD Photo Feature; February 1966 ... Vol. 49, No. 2. Canadian Aerospace - A Tightened Belt & A Clear Eye by Norman Avery; FB-111: Second Look at the Third Version by J.S. Butz, Jr.; Air War in Vietnam ... an Air Force Photo Feature; March 1966 ... Vol. 49, No. 3. North of the Border by John F. Loosbrock; Tactical Airpower in 1965 ... The Trail by Fire by J.S. Butz, Jr.; PACAF: Growing Task in a Critical Area by Gen. Hunter Harris, Jr.; Airpower - The Decisive Element by Kenneth Sams; USAF’s Technological Response to Vietnam by William Leavitt; Flying Ambulances for Vietnam Casualties by Claude Witze; US Tactical Aircraft in Southeast Asia by Allan R. Scholin; April 1966 ... Vol. 49, No. 4. Those Bombings in North Vietnam by J.S. Butz, Jr.; Why I Oppose Vietnam Critics by John P. Roche; Speaking of Space by William Leavitt; Staying Ahead in the Technological War by Maj. Gen. Ben I. Funk; The Nuclear Path to Deep Space by Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg; The Cahallenge of Communist China by William Bundy; The New American Military by Herman S. Wolk; June 1966 ... Vol. 49, No. 6. Taking the Night Away from the Viet Cong by J.S. Butz, Jr.; The Fall of A Shau by Kenneth Sams; Speaking of Space by William Leavitt; October 1966 ... Vol. 49, No. 10. F-105s in Vietnam - New Luster for a Tarnished Image by J.S. Butz, Jr.; The Retirement by General Schriever by Senator Henry M. Jackson; The Aerospace Shape of Things to Come by Dr. Eugene B. Konecci; The Swiss Air Force - Defenders of Neutrality by Rolf F. Christ; November 1966 ... Vol. 49, No. 11. Situation Hopeless But Not Serious by John F. Loosbrock; Airpower in Vietnam - The High Price of Restraint by J.S. Butz, Jr.; Airlift in Vietnam by Maj. C.L. Deare, Jr.; Military Uses for the American SST by Edgar E. Ulsamer; December 1966 ... Vol. 49. No. 12. Our Pilots Call Hanoi “Dodge City” by J.S. Butz, Jr.; How We’re Retraining Pilots for Southeast Asia by Allan R. Scholin; The Rosy Road to Vietnam by Lt. Col. John G. Rose; Science and the "Man in the Street" by Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg; March 1967 ... Vol. 50, No. 3. Accelerating Hostility in the Middle East by Stefan Geisenheyner; To Major Bernard F. Fisher, USAF: The Medal of Honor by Laurence W. Zoeller; USAF and the Medal of Honor by Flint DuPre; Air Rescue in Vietnam - "That Others May Live" by Hon. Harold Brown. All issues in good to very good condition with light soiling and light wear to extremities except Issue December 1966 which is creased and torn at all edges though not affecting text. All issues have mailing stamp attached to bottom right edge and addressed to COL L.C. Moon.

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