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Without Prejudice. by Nicola. Williams

Without Prejudice.

by Nicola. Williams

Publication: Headline, 1997, London

First edition. Signed. Author's first book. Fine in dust jacket. "Thirty-year-old black barrister, Lee Mitchell, is persuaded by a solicitor friend, Brendan Donnelly, to take the high-profile case of London millionaire playboy Clive Omartian, arrested along with his father and stepbrother for fraud. Unsettled by her client's high-handed manner when she first meets him, Lee is further distressed as the case proceeds by his lifestyle of drugs and under-aged women, his habit of manipulating facts and his intrusions into her personal life. Realizing that the case threatens her integrity, self-respect and even her job, Lee learns that even friends like Brendan can be turncoats and that other barristers have become enemies."

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