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Wind-Up Ride 'Em Cowboy! Toy

Wind-Up Ride 'Em Cowboy! Toy

Publication: ca 1950

Vintage tin child's wind-up toy. Trade Mark Modern Toys Japan. Patent No. 15038. Approximately 5 1/2" (L) x 5" (H). Horse is mohair with what appears to be rabbit fur for both the mane and tail. Light wear to mohair on both rear haunches. Blue patent sticker on bottom on horses' belly. Saddle is yellow with white bric brac. Cowboy wears blue jeans, red shirt and cowboy hat, brown holster and boots, and yellow bandana. Right hand holds a gold pistol. When wound up, the horse The rider is probably made of celluloid. Overall condition is very good. Includes the original box with great graphics, instructions and key.

Inventory Number: 33617